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Motto   The project „Heat Pump Efficiency“ aims to further develop heat pumps for houses with a low thermal energy demand such as 3-litre-houses, KfW 40 or KfW 60 houses.

The research project’s main aim is to gain a deeper understanding of how to optimize heat pumps for the linked mode of heating and DHW (domestic hot water) usage for different temperature levels and a generally low heating demand. In this context, the technical solutions provided by the participating heat pump manufacturers shall also be analyzed with respect to their efficiency.

A further aim is to measure the annual SPFs (Seasonal Performance Factor) of firmly planned and installed heat pumps with a particular emphasis on profound statistically useful values. It is of notable interest to analyse the reasons for deviations above or below the mean value.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Reference number: 0327401A).

Final Report - Long Version
(Final Report - Long Version in German)
The long version offers a detailed overview of the results and its characteristics. The current version (state: 05.05.2011) was improved according to the modification list compared to the version from 05.04.2011.

Final report (long version) available for download (state: 05.05.11, 151 pages, 15 MB)

List of modifications compared to former version of the final report (state: 05.05.11)

Final Report - Short Version
(Final Report - Short Version in German and English)
The short version is a reduced version of the long paper. It incorporates a shortened description of the project as well as detailed information of the main findings namely the efficiency reached by the heat pump systems. The current version (state: 27.05.2011) was updated and improved according to the long version compared to the version from 21.02.2011.

Final report (short version) available for download (state: 27.05.11, 41 pages, 2.8 MB)

Download here the current short version of the final report (state: 27.05.11, 42 Pages, 2.8 MB)



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